No refined sugar…part one

I’ve joined the no refined sugar bandwagon….well sort of…when it suits me. I do have a tendency to get drawn to new fads, but this one has stuck for a while now.

I’ve always considered myself as a healthy eater, I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, some fish, snacks tend to be almonds and raisins, and I’ve not eaten meat for 30 years. In addition the Mechanic has a ‘no-beige’ policy when it comes to food, choosing to keep bread and pasta to a minimum, and as he does most of the cooking starchy carbs, do not feature highly.

About a year ago, I discovered Deliciously Ella, who didn’t her book was on every supermarket bookshelf. I subscribed to her blog, and immersed myself in a – no wheat, no dairy, no gluten, no caffeine, no refined sugar world. I spent a small fortune at Planet Organic, buying all manner of previously unknown ingredients. I diligently followed recipes and made my own gluten, wheat, refined-sugar free bread, the Mechanic calls it ‘The Brick’, affectionately I think? I researched the purest vodka, and stopped drinking wine. I then waited for a new, healthier, glowing me to emerge.

Initially I thought about all the food I must not eat, but then I quickly realised that infact I had expanded my choices to include so much more –  almond milk, green tea matcha, coconut oil, chia seeds, ground nuts instead of flour, and as for refined sugar, this is now replaced with honey, maple syrup or dates.

I would not now describe myself as wheat-free, dairy-free or  gluten-free, but my diet has changed and I’ve dramatically reduced my intake of refined-sugar. I have not got a magical ‘glow’ that stops people in the street, but I do feel more energetic, and I’ve been inspired to spend more time in the kitchen, taking the time to think about what I fuel myself with, even if Mr M. then does the cooking.

My favourite reads:
Deliciously Ella – Ella Woodward
Get the Glow – Madeline Shaw
Cook, Nourish, Glow – Amelia Freer
A Modern Way to Cook – Anna Jones
The Grand Tour Cookbook – Hannah Gran

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