My biggest fear

A few weeks ago I spotted the following adage, in a picture frame in a shop window in Abergavenny:

My biggest fear is that when I die my wife will sell my bikes for what I told her they cost.

Now, the Mechanic has a lot of bikes, and bits of bikes which make up goodness knows how many? ┬áHe usually has three fully functioning, on the go at any one time. They are all road bikes so he cannot use the excuse that three are required for different purposes. As far as I can tell, they are for different weather, he doesn’t like getting his favourite one wet.

I have one bike, well two I suppose, but only one set of pedals, and one set of wheels, so I have to swap them over if I want to use the other one. I should add that these pedals and wheels are hand-me-downs from Mr M. much like every other component attached to my frames i.e. chainsets, seat-posts, stems etc. Recently he keeps asking me about my gears, I’m sure he has his eye on something new, but would feel more justified in purchasing if he can convince himself that I need his old ones.

I don’t want to appear ungrateful, but as a result of having been ‘gifted’ bike parts, I’m probably not very familiar with prices. The only items I buy are spare inner tubes and I may be seduced by some fancy handlebar tape now and again. Therefore the picture frame seen in the Abergavenny window, probably resonated with Mr M. Especially, when I now think about it, if I do ever spot he has something new, such as some shiny Chris King hubs, I always receive a dismissive – I’ve had these ages, they were on the other bike, remember? I think I would have remembered, they are pink and gorgeous*.

There are a few phrases that I know are expensive such as ‘carbon fibre. I also realise that you don’t reach the ‘yellow jersey’ discount membership at your favourite bike shop, without having spent a lot of money.

*Incidently, the pink Chris King hubs are now on my bike.

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