Sometimes I forget

Sometimes I forget that I love cycling, I blame it on the weather. Over the winter months, if truth be told, my motivation for cycling is firstly so that I don’t get too unfit, secondly not to put on too many kilos, and thirdly its habit and part of my weekend routine.

Weekend routine: the alarm goes off on a Saturday morning, the Mechanic is always first up, he opens the curtains, still dark, and checks what the weather is doing. Unless it is actually raining prior to our planned departure time, or super windy, we will have a bowl of porridge, I’ll put on clothes I never used to know existed (ponytail compatible headband , and oversocks) and we will set out for a ride to the North Downs. Sometimes rides get cut short, or on one recent occasion, the return journey made by train. In reflection I enjoy these rides, and I always feel pleased I’ve gone out, even if most of the ride I’m thinking about the hot shower I will have when I get back, or trying to recall what we have in the fridge, for the lunch I will undoubtedly deserve!

This morning was different, the clocks had changed, the alarm went off, and the curtains opened to a promising sky. We picked a route we have not done for a while, and a little longer than recent rides, out to Windsor Park. Dressed in one layer of clothing less than usual, (not overly confident, gilets in our back pockets) we were out the door eagerly at 8am. As soon as we stepped outside I could feel the warmth in the early sun and I remembered how much I love cycling.

I didn’t look at my speedometer every few minutes, to do mental sums , the thought process can be something like; 80kms ride, ok done 10k, that means just 10k another 7 times, ok done 20k that’s a quarter done, ok done 25kms, quite hard arithmetic now, I’ll try and not look until 40kms, that will be half way…

Today, I looked at the road in front of me, at the blue sky above, the hedgerows, and verges, I saw daffodils and my first bluebells this year. I saw Magnolia trees past their best and wondered how I missed them when they were in full bloom? I felt the warmth of the sun, and I wanted to breathe in the spring air, and I saw something I’ve never seen before, two hares boxing….not bad for a city girl.

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