Picasso’s thoughts on women and bikes

A famous French artist once said..

‘As a rule, substantial weight is a reliable measurement of quality. The two exceptions to this rule are bicycles and women’. Pablo Picasso

Picasso’s comment, is undoubtedly sexist, and rather weightest too.

I have two bike frames, a Pinarello steel frame, and a carbon fibre Dolan. The electric blue Pinarello with its silver graphics is very pretty, it’s my winter bike, and as such gets ridden in the cold winter months, it feels heavy, and to be honest I often do too.

My much lighter Dolan (and more expensive) is always referred to as my best bike and has the honour of being ridden in the summer. Without a doubt I consider the Dolan better quality due to its lightness.

Now, as to women…I know Picasso wasn’t thinking about the quality of a woman’s bike handling skills, but I have to say, as a woman, it’s true, I’m a better cyclist when I’m a few pounds lighter. We all know that this can apply to the chaps too.

There is so much information on how to shed a little weight from your bike, and of course at an elite level, marginal gains play a big part. But for me I know losing my tummy will improve my cycling much more than super light forks or a carbon bottle cage….and significantly less expensive.

I have to concede Picasso may have a point!


Drawing by the Mechanic, inspired by Cubism.

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