The confessions of a cyclist

… and her Instagram feed.

I’ve mentioned before the positive effect that writing a blog has on me, and how it inspires me to look for the best in everything, and encourages some much needed mindfulness in my life

It’s similar with Instagram, I share the better me, my feed tells the story in pictures of my weekends cycling #ridewithaview, fresh flowers in my sitting room #scentedroses, my cat that perfectly matches the #blackandwhite rug, and a whole array of pictures of food that profess #norefinedsugar and homemade #cyclingfuel

Whilst all these images are true, they do omit a few things.

Most weekends I cycle out to the countryside where I am regularly rewarded with views of the changing landscapes, I love seeing the seasons unfold, snowdrops, the first daffodils, and then bluebells, these are the scenes that I stop to take pictures of. Not my weekly 30 mins of cycling through the suburbs of South London #traffic #redlight #potholes.

Most rides are not complete without a coffee stop, and I have accumulated a wonderful selection of cycling friendly pit stops. My Instagram feed shows you the perfectly made #decafsoya cappuccino, or the #glutenfree cake served on a pretty vintage plate, but sometimes a route does not go to plan and it’s a polystyrene cup and a kitkat.

I also don’t often share the rides in bad weather, the wet feet and muddy backsides #belgiantan

I have a phone full of un-shared and not very photogenic pictures of my cat #wonkywhiskers, she is completely deaf, so no amount of cat-talk will encourage her to look at the camera.

I take pictures of fresh produce #fiveaday but it’s the Mechanic who turns these ingredients into dinner, not me.

I also like to photograph small architectural details I come across, interesting doors and floortiles, but I hunt them out and post the ones that colour-match my feed, or my bike, it’s not always a spontaneous find.

So to be truly honest with you, this I confess is what my Instagram feed could look like  #reallife


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