A reading challenge for cyclists

The long days of summer are over, it is now, as we settle in to autumn, that I like to start reading again.  I’ve been inspired by some of the reading challenges to be found on the internet, and have put together – A Reading Challenge for Cyclists

I started the challenge earlier in the year, choosing to read a few cycling themed / related books.  I will pick up the list again, and see if I can complete my 20 book challenge by next spring.  Here is how it is going so far…

A Reading Challenge for Cyclists.

  1. Read a book set in Europe                                                                                          Mountain High by Daniel Frieze and Pete Goding, although I have to confess more looking at pictures than reading.
  2. Read a book you can finish in a day                                                                                    The Rider by Tim Krabbe
  3. Read a book written by a comedian                                                                                    I’ve recently finished reading Geronimo by Tim Moore, Tim isn’t officially a comedian, but the book did make me laugh a lot.
  4. Read a book with a blue cover                                                                                                Sat on my bookshelf is the Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair by Park Tools, I don’t promise to read it by spring!
  5. Read an autobiography                                                                                                    Hunger by Sean Kelly
  6. Read a book about a road trip
  7. Read a book that takes place on an island
  8. Read a book with a number in the title
  9. Read a book with a beautiful cover
  10. Read a book to feed your wanderlust
  11. Read a book with food in the title                                                                                       The Grand Tour Cookbook by Hannah Grant – this book does not strictly meet the   challenge, but it’s a good read, as well as a good cookbook.
  12. Read a classic                                                                                                                                It’s a Rough Ride by Paul Kimmage 
  13. Read a book you own but haven’t read                                                                               See number 4.
  14. Read a book that has been made into a movie
  15. Read a book based on a true story
  16. Read a book that is more than 10 years old
  17. Read a book that will make you smarter                                                                                 I think all books make you a little smarter, however for this challenge I read Manners by Kate Spade.
  18. Read a book originally written in another language
  19. Read a  self improvement book                                                                                                The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo, I did infact find this book life changing see Kiss and Fly, I still have a tidy home!
  20. Read a book set somewhere you want to visit

I still  have quite a lot of reading to do before I complete the challenge. You can download the challenge above, and if you need inspiration visit Cycling Weekly for the greatest 50 cycling books of all time.

13 thoughts on “A reading challenge for cyclists

  1. Of course The Rider by Tim Krabbe also qualifies for #18. Some would say it’s also a classic and could fulfill the criteria for #12 as well, but I have to admit, after all the hype around it, I found it distinctly “meh”

    (I know, I’m a cyclist and not allowed to admit that. Will someone come along, strip me of my cleats and snap my mini pump in half now?)

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    1. You are a brave man – I understand that The Rider is read with a different perspective if you’ve ever raced? I’ve never raced, just a few sportives, and won’t be breaking your mini pump.


  2. My only contribution to this list could possibly be for #15 🙂 ‘It’s not about the bike’ by Lance Armstrong. I found it while rummaging at a Good Sammy’s. Bought it for $5. Then a week later news broke of his doping. I’ll be honest and say that I was crushed after hearing the news. I still don’t believe it I think!

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