The workshop

The Mechanic has spent the last few days putting together my summer bike. This activity takes place in our sitting room, so it’s difficult to escape the trials and tribulations of the workshop. One evening last week, I was aware that my winter bike had been totally dismantled with the exception of a wire sticking out of one of the gear levers, and there was no sign of my summer bike taking shape…and very little sitting room floor!

Sat on the sofa, I thought to myself that I may not have a bike to ride this weekend. I could sense a lot of frustration, and hear quite a lot of huffing and puffing. I know that it is best to not ask too many questions, and that any suggestions I may have are not likely to be very well received. It takes a lot of self-control to not try and subtly suggest a newspaper on the table or kitchen paper maybe helpful.

From what I could understand it was crucial to release the gear cable from its housing but it was well and truly stuck. Positioned with my back to ‘the situation’, I then heard a drill, an unfamiliar sound in the workshop, Mr M. was drilling the cable out, and then a whoop of glee, the cable was released! Thank goodness, I would now have gear levers and brakes for my summer bike.

My summer bike was put together – it’s a Dolan carbon fibre frame, this season,the Mechanic has given me new handlebar tape – black with pink polka dots. So yesterday excited about the prospect of bank holiday weekend, and the possibility of three days of cycling ahead we headed off to Kent…and it rained!

Not just a passing shower, a relentless downpour, traditional for a Bank Holiday.

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